PARO DESIGN: furniture and fashion made with love in Stuttgart

"To combine my passion for beautiful designs and real craftsmanship has always been my goal."

Hi, I'm Patrick Rothweiler, founder of the Stuttgart fashion and interior label PARO DESIGN . I sell my works with my label. So fashion and furniture that are different. Authentic. Sustainable. unique.

My claim is also based on this principle: soyez unique . French for "be unique". Because that's exactly what I want to achieve with my fashion and my furniture from Stuttgart. A unique style for everyone.

Against mass production. For individuality.

My approach breaks the rules. And does exactly the opposite of what big fashion and furniture houses do. In order to be able to bring goods to the man or woman as cheaply as possible, mass production and uniform designs are used.

Exactly against this principle I would like to proceed with PARO DESIGN from Stuttgart.


  • unique fashion

    With PARO DESIGN unique fashion I make a statement against the fast fashion industry. So the mass production of clothing, much of which ends up as landfill and is manufactured under catastrophic conditions. PARO DESIGN unique fashion stands for fairly produced fashion, unique pieces and a transparent manufacturing process. I only use organic cotton as the material.

  • unique furniture

    PARO DESIGN unique furniture stands for high-quality designer furniture of the best quality - and not just in the finished product.

    I usually rely on the exciting combination of steel and wood - this makes my furniture unique and shapes the style of PARO DESIGN. All products from this label are designed and produced in Stuttgart. And because sustainability is important to me not only personally but also professionally, I rely on upcycling for each of my pieces - i.e. the transformation of supposedly useless materials into new products

  • soyez unique

    Soyez Unique - with PARO DESIGN

    French lifestyle paired with industrial design. Is that possible? Short answer: yes. Thanks to PARO DESIGN.

    With the fashion and furniture brand from Stuttgart, I bring unique designs to the market that do justice to my passion for high-quality furniture and sustainable fashion.

    The design: simple and yet special.

    Everything doesn't always have to be higher, faster, further. It's about focusing on what's important in life. And that is exactly what PARO DESIGN stands for.